Good training creates better employees.  Whether it’s explaining a new policy or teaching new skills, adequately training your staff is vital to the continued success of your small business.

To be most effective, employee training should begin on the first day of work and cover everything the employee needs to know.  I repeat, training should begin on Day 1.  This includes information from accessing voicemail to evacuation procedures in case of emergency.  By creating a training program that covers all the bases, you set the stage for any efficient and productive employee.

Some areas you might want to cover in a new employee orientation include:

  • Philosophy.  Employees should understand your way of doing business, particularly any processes you have in place.
  • Brand.  Teach your employees what your business is all about and what you want your company to represent.
  • Policies.  Dress code, office hours, vacation, sexual harassment, workplace safety, technology use and other relevant policies need to be explained.
  • Operations.  Employees need to know how to use office equipment, handle complaints, and other processes pertinent to business operations.
  • Expectations.  To know what to do, employees need to be told what you expect of them, particularly as to their performance.

You can’t expect your business to grow and thrive if only you understand your way of doing business.  Providing proper training, however, gives you with the perfect opportunity to lay the foundation for your business operations and employee expectations.