Leading People

Managing people is one of the toughest jobs in business.  Make the right choices and there is no limit to how you and your business can grow.  Make the wrong choices, and the floodgates of trouble never seem to close.

Whether you operate a small business with multiple managers or are a solopreneur, you cannot escape the task of managing people.  You have to answer to your employees, banker, suppliers, customers, and, if you are smart, your advisory board.  You have to be a good, even great, manager if you plan to survive and thrive.

Becoming a good manager requires time and effort.  But the rewards are priceless.  Good managers earn the respect of their workers and our creative, motivated and fair.  They have a sense of purpose, deal well with tough performance issues and tackle problems head on rather than hoping they will disappear.  Good managers also create an environment where employees can do their job productively and positively contribute to the bottom line of the company.

Although all managers make mistakes, the smart ones learn from their mistakes and modify their behavior.  The smartest managers learn from the mistakes of others to avoid making the same blunders.  By using good techniques and troubleshooting bad situations, good managers create a better working environment and, ultimately, lead people and manage things.

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What type of manager are you?  And, better yet, what areas of management can you improve upon?